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HD2-S "Doberman" - BASIC Package

The HD2-s is completely setup with the heavy duty HD2 tracked robot that can climb over most obstacles including stairs. Use the camera system to see everything when clearing or inspecting a building.

This package includes the following features:
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HD2-S "Doberman" - BASIC Package
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Built to Order: 4-8 Weeks
Select the controller option you want, additional controller information can be found in the Tactical Remotes section under ROBOTS - Applications
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If you desire to extend your range or require a secondary monitoring station, select the appropriate option below. Be sure to match the radio system with the remote selected above.
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Select the style of camera you want. Selecting a nose cameras provides you with a low profile robot that has a camera with 180 degrees of tilt. The pan and tilt cameras include 360 degree pan and 50 degree tilt with an integrated roll cage.
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Select this option if you want to include a rear IR camera and video select switch.
Rear Camera Comments:
This option includes LED Lights mounted on the camera system with power and controls.
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Select the type of Audio System you want with the robot.
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These items are additional accessories that can be added to the robot package. Contact us for details of these items.
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Select from any of the sensors listed below if you need environmental conditions monitored remotely with your robot.
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This option upgrades the shipping crate to a high quality reusable foam lined transport and shipping crate.
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Describe any other custom features or attributes you need for the robot.
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