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HD2-S "Doberman" - STANDARD Package

The HD2-S Doberman is a heavy-duty tactical support robot based on our HD2 Tracked Platform. It can climb over most obstacles including stairs. Use the camera system to see everything when clearing or inspecting a building.

This package includes the following features:
  • Weatherproof treaded robot chassis
  • OCU System: Digital Radio
  • OCU Style: Enclosed Case with touchscreen display
  • 30X optical zoom 360 pan and tilt camera system with heavy duty roll cage and remotely operated LED lights
  • 2-Way audio system for hostage negotiation
  • Tablet records video and still shots
  • Automatic battery charging system
  • Fully configurable/customizable
  • HD2-S Doberman Datasheet
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HD2-S "Doberman" - STANDARD Package
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Built to Order: 4-8 Weeks
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Select the style of camera you want. Selecting a nose cameras provides you with a low profile robot that has a camera with 180 degrees of tilt. The pan and tilt cameras include 360 degree pan and 50 degree tilt with an integrated roll cage.
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