SuperDroid Tactical Support Robots

Tactical Robots, Military Robots, and More

SuperDroid Robots offers tactical robots of every size, and for any budget. They're designed for surveillance, investigation, and negotiation. Tactical robots provide quick, easy assessments of dangerous situations. That keeps first responders out of harm and saves time in dangerous situations! SuperDroid Robots help keep humans safe!

First responders enter dangerous situations every day. Suspicious packages, hostage negotiations, HAZMAT, and environmental dangers are a constant concern. SuperDroid Robots provides a way of entering those situations with less risk.

Our robots are far less expensive than the cost of a human life, which everyone agrees is priceless. These robots allow for customization of features and capabilities! We design, build and test our tactical robots in our North Carolina facility. This allows for fast, affordable, and personalized customizations for your needs.

Robot Applications
  • Remote surveillance
  • EOD(Explosive Ordnance Disposal)
  • HAZMAT - Toxic gases and chemicals
  • Radiation Monitoring/Detection
  • Object manipulation using Multi-Axis Arms
  • Night vision surveillance
  • Security and patrolling
Tactical Robot on Rough Terrain