Compact Tactical Support

Compact Support Robots

At SuperDroid Robots we provide a wide range of tactical, surveillance, negotiation, HAZMAT, and Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) robots. Our specialty is being able to inexpensively customize any of our robots to suit your specific needs and budget! We can also build completely custom robots from scratch! Call us or use our contact form to ask us any questions you may have.

These pages are intended to help you become familiar with our products that fit specific applications. We build all our robots to order. Since we design, build, test, and support all our robots at our facility in North Carolina, USA, customization is fast and NOT expensive. We offer many standard robots, all of which can be customized with options to meet your budget and needs.

Compact tactical robot in SWAT vehicle


Remote Observation

We offer many different surveillance options with our UGVs (Unmanned Ground Vehicles). We have a wide variety of cameras and pan and tilt systems allowing an operator to remotely observe situations remotely through many different style Operator Control Units (OCUs). The following are camera and OCU systems we have deployed

  • IR LED cameras for total darkness observation.
  • 27X optical zoom cameras with low light vision and high intensity LED lights allowing the robot to see everything.
  • Camera Pan and Tilts to move a camera around and quickly assess a situation.
  • Tilt cameras embedded in the nose of the robot to allow low profile inspection robots.
  • 1-Way audio systems, so you will have have eyes and ears. 2-way audio will allow you to have a voice via the robot's PA.
  • Hand-held and enclosed (Pelican style) Case Remotes with monitors, microphones, and speakers providing you complete awareness.
  • Secondary Monitors allowing command outpost stations a set of eyes and ears. Or use the secondary monitor or a second entry team!
  • Repeaters for our digital radios allowing you to extend the range and get through tough situations like steel or concrete walls.
  • Quiet and Quick - These robots are compact and lightweight, providing surveillance into hard to reach areas when time is of the essence.
  • Remote Room Clearing - Clear rooms, buildings, drug smuggling tunnels, culverts, etc. remotely with audio and video surveillance. Our small UGVs are compact and lightweight making it easily deployable for quickly assessing situations.
  • Covert Surveillance - Enter dangerous areas covertly and safely for SWAT, First Responders, Tactical Response, Law Enforcement, nuclear, security related sectors, homeland security, US customs, Border Control, Fire and Rescue, etc.
  • Search Hostage and Barricaded Subjects - Remotely search houses, apartments, schools, etc. using the UGVs for search of barricaded subjects or hostages keeping officers safe. Use the UGVs for Bomb Squad, EOD, Police, Security, Remote Surveillance, Suspect investigation, SWAT, and tactical purposes.

Compact Support Robots

UM4 Retriever surveillance robot

UM4 "Retriever"

It features a camera/video system, control system, and charging station. The robot is very portable as it weighs only 14.5 lbs. Each of its four wheels are driven by independent high-rpm gear motors. These robots are amazingly agile, discrete, and incredibly tough. The system comes with everything you need to go to work, whether it’s inspecting crawl spaces under houses or providing a first line of defense in tactical situations. The built in infra-red camera allows you to see in total darkness while under normal light it is a high quality color picture.

LT2-F Bloodhound compact tactical robot

LT2-F "Bloodhound"

The LT2 and LT2-F Tactical Surveillance Robot are our best selling tactical robots. They are a perfect balance of size, speed, weight, mobility/maneuvrability, and capability. The LT2-F was qualified during a series of NIST tests.

The LT2 is capable of climbing household stairs and obstacles. The LT2-F includes rear flipper/stabilizer arms, which are used to lift the robot's nose onto high obstacles. They also act as a stabilizer to prevent roll over on steep pitches. With the rear Flipper/Stabilizer arms the LT2-F is capable of climbing aggressive stairs and obstacles.