New York Fire Department

Custom LT2-F

In September of 2011, the New York City Fire Department approached our team. They wanted us to come to NYC and provide a demonstration of our tactical support robots. What followed was a series of intense tests across the United States.

Several other robotics manufacturers participated alongside us in these rigorous trials. After the first tests, the FDNY chose our robot and another company for further tests. In West Virginia, our robot went through a variety of training exercises, including:

  • Search and Rescue of Victims
  • Operating in Hazardous Conditions
  • Entry into Collapsed Structures
  • Maneuvering Over/Under Rubble

At the end of testing, the FDNY chose our LT-F robot for evaluation by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in Maryland. These tests would result in the development of what would become the LT2-F.

The final test was a grueling trial by fire in Disaster City, TX. Disaster City is a professional training facility run by Texas A&M University. Testing was overseen by NIST. Members of the FDNY were present alongside other fire departments. Over a dozen other robotics companies participated in the tests. What followed was 4 days of intense exercises across a variety of scenarios. Our custom LT2-F proceeded to exceed expectations!

In the end, after two years of testing, SuperDroid Robots earned the confidence of the FDNY. We received the robotics contract and built an amazing robot. Their custom support robot would become the basis of our LT2-F system, now in use across the globe. We're proud to be the only company that was willing and able to meet the FDNY's strict requirements!


  • Pelican Case Remote Control
    • Physical Joystick and Switches for immediate control of important robot functions
    • Touch Screen Interface for other functions
    • In Case Computer for Video Recording and Storage
  • Secondary Case to act as Radio Range Extender
  • Custom Control Structure including Touch Screen Interface
  • Ability to Pressurize Chassis for Intrinsically Safe Operation
  • Ability to Configure Robot for different modes
    • On-board HAZMAT Sensors
    • Thermal Camera (SPI M1-D)
    • Ability to add a 4 Axis Arm in the future
  • Nose Camera with 27x Optical Zoom and Tilt System
  • Fixed Backup Camera for reversing out of tight quarters
  • Custom Roll cage to protect the M1-D and HAZMAT Sensors
  • Perspective Camera mounted on top of roll cage