Orange County Florida Fire Department

Custom LT2-F

Orange County Florida's Fire Department reached out to us about a custom robot. They wanted a robot capable of manipulating objects and accessing tight spaces. To meet their needs SuperDroid Robots took our popular LT2-F platform and modified it. The LT2-F received a removable multi-axis arm, a 27x zoom camera, and a charging station. The stabilizing flipper arms make it easy to overcome obstacles and rough terrain. Finally, we built a custom digital tactical control system to operate the robot. These add-ons have since become standard features of our Advanced LT2-F Bulldog!


  • An enclosed robot with motors, motor controllers, batteries, tracks and flipper arms.
  • Tilting 27x Zoom Camera.
  • Custom Built Digital Tactical Robot Controller.
  • The chargers are fully automatic and will charge all the batteries simultaneously.
  • Removable Arm Features:
    • 4 bolts and one electrical connector to remove the arm and provide you with a low profile chassis.
    • Swap the arm with a 27x Optical Zoom camera.
    • Shoulder rotation: 180 degrees.
    • Elbow rotation: 140 degrees.
    • Wrist rotation: Continuous
    • Gripper Width: 4.5 inches
    • Arm payload: 15+ pounds fully extended.