Project Overkill

Large Hydraulic Diesel Platform

Project Overkill is a move into larger hydraulic powered diesel systems by SuperDroid Robots and SDR Tactical. The project is all about power and finding new and innovative uses for it.


  • Stop Strip and Barricade Control
  • Armoured Shield (Protect Personnel)
  • Emergency Road Clearing/Towing
  • Gate Crashing / Breaching Entries
  • Riot and Crowd Control


  • High Output 42 HP Engine
  • Hydraulic Driven tank skid steep for high torque, high speed locomotion
  • Custom Built Digital Tactical Robot Controller
  • Powerful Retrieval Winch (Removable for additional armaments)
  • Elevated 27X Optical Zoom PTZ Assembly
  • Optional Mounting Locations for Accessories
    • Armoured Personnel Shield
    • Stop Strip Deployment System
    • Tactical Cover Smoke Generator

Videos of Project Overkill


Overkill Hauls Trailer Through Mud


Overkill Pulls Bobcat Out of Swamp


All-Terrain Demonstration