Wake County SRT

Custom LT2 Bloodhound with Scissor Lift

Wake County Special Response Team commissioned this custom LT2 Bloodhound. The project was to incorporate a camera mounted on a scissor lift. This enables the robot to look into windows, cars, and above obstacles such as couches. The custom Bloodhound can help clear an area before entering. For low clearance situations, the scissor lift and top-mounted PTZ camera are removable!


  • Room Clearing
  • Inspecting Hazardous Areas
  • Hostage Negotiations
  • Multi-Floor Patrol
  • Riot and Crowd Control


  • Removeable Camera mounted scissor lift
  • Removeable PTZ dome camera
  • Nose and rear cameras
  • Stabilizing flipper arms for stair climbing
  • Easy loading and charging crates
  • High power digital radios
  • Secondary Monitoring Station
  • Repeater